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Frack Free Dudleston are a group of concerned residents who live in the area of the proposed site. We aim to ensure that well informed democratic public debate happens on a subject that could potentially change the way we live in

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Dart Energy have withdrawn the application to drill for CBM in Dudleston FrackFreeDudleston is delighted to announce that the planning application by Dart Energy (now owned by IGas) for a CBM test drill at Dudleston has been withdrawn.  Furthermore IGas

Planning objections guidelines

Objection Guide to Coal Bed Methane drilling and exploration at  The Brooklands, Dudleston Following the “Minded to Refuse” decision made by Shropshire council in November 2014, Shropshire council wrote to Dart requesting some of the information that should really have been

Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is ‘natural gas’ (methane) trapped in coal seams underground. To extract the gas, after drilling into the seam, it is necessary to ‘de-water’ the coal and so large amounts of water are pumped out to lower

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