Frack Free Dudleston are a group of concerned residents who live in the area of the proposed site. We aim to ensure that well informed democratic public debate happens on a subject that could potentially change the way we live in this area.

Our objectives are simply to use democratic means to protect the quality of life in our beautiful area by opposing the plans for methane extraction.

Dart Energy are looking into extracting methane gas at several locations within the Shropshire area. The first stage of Dart’s planning application for the Dudleston area was a scoping stage to decide whether or not they need to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The result was that an EIA was not needed. We now will not have the opportunity to create a baseline of our environment before any work is started.

Like most people we found out about the proposals through an article in a newspaper shortly before the decision deadline on an application that was not open to consultation.  We aim to try and prevent approval of the new planning application to avoid the first step into full scale industrialisation of our countryside.

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