CBM extraction is bad news for farmers as well as residents

Although farmers receive a modest payment for allowing drilling companies onto their land, the impacts on their livelihoods will be greater than the payment. In the Dudleston area it was a company called Composite Energy that was telling farmers that they would be helping the environment and the country by allowing this.  Since then Dart has taken over Composite Energy and is now exercising the old agreements.  This site highlights some of the risks: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2012/03/reproductive-problems-death-animals-exposed-fracking



Australian toxics expert Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith talking about the risks of coal bed methane (known as coal seam gas there). Highly informative and compelling viewing.

Below are some resources and research that contain scientific evidence to justify concerns about unconventional gas in relation to the environmental impact. We are currently in the process of scrutinising information relating to Dudleston and will upload our research as soon as possible.