[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]If objecting online you first need to register on the council’s website. The planning application reference number is 14/02730/MAW. The deadline for objections to be received is 31st July.

1. First, click on our link in the announcement email, or go to the shropshire planning portal, or search for the relevant application.

2. Go to the comments tab on the application. You will need to login/register to submit your objection using the links provided on the comments tab. You will need an email address to do this.

3. The registration process includes choosing a password and confirming the registration by clicking on a link in an automated email.  Once complete you are ready to make an objection on this or any future planning application.
4. To make the objection click on the Comment tab and then log in using the newly created password.  There is a Make a Comment option on the tab.  In the Commentator field you need to identify whether you are nearby “Neighbour” or further away “Member of the Public”.  Importantly the next selection under Stance must be “Object”
5. Online objections have a character limit of 6000 so if you have more to say then you will need to submit the objection by post, instructions  on how to do so can be found here.
6. Simply registering that you object is very important and there will be a wide range of responses to this application.  Some people will write in the technical language of planning officers which is good because that will help the Council planning department when it comes to rejecting the proposal.  Other people will write a simpler statement saying what they feel about it and thus showing the world that we are united against this obnoxious threat.

All objections are good objections.

Your comment will be immediately submitted to Shropshire Council and made available to view online. They will not display your address, telephone number or email address to the public.

Remember:  Every adult in your household can raise a separate online objection, provided they have their own email address.

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