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Thank you for attending the recent Public Meeting at the Parish Hall and leaving your contact details.
Since the public meeting, those who volunteered to join the action group have already met and are actively drawing up a plan of action. Our objectives are to use democratic means to oppose Dart’s plans for coal bed methane extraction (CBM) to enable us all to continue to enjoy the quality of life in our beautiful area. We aim to act as quickly as possible to be ready to oppose the planning application when it comes in.
Frack Free Dudleston 
We chose Frack Free Dudleston as our action group name. It is easily identifiable and gives us a connection with other local groups including Frack Free Dee, Frack Free North Shropshire, and Frack Free Farndon etc so we can draw on their knowledge which will help us immensely.
It is a fact that 40% of CBM sites do use fracking in the later stages.
It is important that we help everyone to realise that this is first and foremost a local group of ordinary people wanting to preserve the local way of life and our countryside.  There is plenty of information online from Australia and the US to show what CBM looks like several years on. They now understand the impacts of CBM on the environment and we need to be learning fast from their experience instead of letting those same problems happen in the UK.
This is a two minute You Tube video made by the objectors to the Dart CBM drill sites at Airth in Scotland that explains a few of the important issues very well. They have now successfully forced Dart to a Public Enquiry.
Further Updates
Dart will soon be submitting a full Planning Application to Test Drill. It will be open to consultation and we at Frack Free Dudleston will oppose it. We will let you know progress.
We aim to get this and all future applications looked at very carefully by the County Council and are planning to set up an ePetition to establish the principles around how they will respond to these applications.  Wrexham Council considered the Borras Road application at full democratic committee and refused it.  Other sites, like the one at Upton in Chester have been decided by a planning officer who passed it.  More details to follow. We will soon have a website offering information and showing how you can get involved.
Environmental Impact
The first stage of Dart’s planning application was a scoping stage to decide whether or not they need to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The result of that was decided last week by a single planning officer at Shropshire council based on Environment Agency recommendations.  It was decided that an EIA will not be needed.
The European Parliament has declared that conducting an EIA before starting work is the best practice and required for a variety of reasons.  The document [] is long and tedious but includes the following in section 2.2.2 (SEA is their term for deciding whether or not to have an EIA):
‘The SEA procedure can be summarised as follows: an environmental report is prepared in which the likely significant effects on the environment and the reasonable alternatives of the proposed plan or programme are identified. The public and the environmental authorities are informed and consulted early and effectively, when all options are open, on the draft plan or programme and the environmental report prepared. Due account is taken of the environmental report and the results of the consultations before adoption.’ 
Like most people we found out about the Dudleston proposals through an article in the local newspaper very shortly before the decision deadline, on an application that was not open to the public. We have asked Dart to consider commissioning an EIA anyway because it provides baseline for the site before any disruptive activities start.
Spread the Word
Please encourage people to email  Tell as many people as you can so that we are ready to object to the planning application with as much public support as possible.
Contact details will not be passed on and your privacy will be protected.
Best Wishes 
Frack Free Dudleston
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