Dear Supporter 

After a long consideration, the Inspectorate have made their decision and changed the Inquiry to the ‘middle ground’ of a Hearing. See Shropshire Star article link below.
This means a two day hearing rather than the three days it would have been at Inquiry.
Our preference would have been it remained at Inquiry but a Hearing is far better than ‘Written’ and still gives us a good opportunity to make our case, as well as providing the face-to-face public review.  
Overall we are satisfied with the decision.
We have been in touch with the Inspectorate and are waiting to find out the new dates which we will let you know as soon as we have them.
Rest assured, our representation at the Hearing will be robust. We have a strong case and will be challenging Dart on several levels of their application.
We are currently having our representation reviewed by a legal expert.  
We would like to thank you once again for your strong and constant support.  
Best wishes

Inquiry changed to Hearing