Dear Supporter

Good news. FrackFreeDudleston is now going to be recognised as an official consultee to the planning application alongside the various Shropshire Council experts who provide input into these planning applications.  That gives more weight to our objections, plus also, any local person who has objected will be considered to also be objecting along the lines of the main group objection, as well as whatever they have written personally.  This is great news because there is a wide range of objection comments and now every single one will count.
We have been told that having a united local community who are making their feelings known in this way is now formally considered to be a material planning consideration.  Right now we have 261 people who have objected, almost all of whom are local.  There are a further 22 paper objections that we handed in yesterday so we are already almost at 300 which is fantastic for a rural community.
The draft group objection is now on the website at here.  Please do read it and let us know your comments.  The document doesn’t try to cover everything because it is just looking at key planning considerations.  It may well be that the planners will dismiss some of the points raised, but they definitely won’t dismiss them all and it will remain a powerful objection on behalf of the community!
If you object to this being a statement on your behalf then it is important that you reply to this email quickly.
If you know anyone who hasn’t yet made their opinion count, then please give them a gentle nudge.
Best wishes