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As you know, a few weeks ago we approached the Planning Inspectorate asking that they upgrade the Dudleston appeal from Written Representations to Inquiry.  We had very good reasons to ask for this, not least of which is the fact that the official procedures for appeals stipulates quite reasonably that contentious cases be considered with a face-to-face meeting.  The Council planning meetings have taken place miles away from the area at a time of day that is not convenient for most, and yet attendance has been fantastic so clearly there is a strong community interest in this controversial proposal.
We also want the appeal to be upgraded because it improves our chances of winning.  Key documents like the original planning application have significant flaws in them which need to be explored under cross-examination.  We have robust arguments and a strong team so we have nothing to fear from being cross-examined ourselves.
As we mentioned in a previous email, several letters were also sent independently to the Inspectorate on this subject by prospective local electoral candidates and Friends of the Earth.
We were therefore very pleased when the Planning Inspectorate announced that the appeal had been upgraded to Inquiry.
On Tuesday we got a call from the Shropshire Star asking for comment on the latest development.  Dart Energy have appealed against the upgrade to the appeal.  They would like it reverting to written and part of the reasoning stated is that 80% of the objections should be ignored because they were confused about Coal Bed Methane (CBM) vs fracking and whether the application was for the test drill or gas extraction.  We have checked and can confirm that that is not true.  The people of the Dudleston area have done good research and have raised strong and meaningful objections with hardly any of them being confused about the technology.
We are very grateful to the Star for alerting us to this unexpected twist to the long and complex story.
Please rest assured that we have restated our case to the Inspectorate and they are undertaking a formal review of Dart’s request.
If anyone has yet to place an objection on the Inspectorate’s portal then now would be a great time to do so.  The flood of fresh objections helped our case during the first review because it shows that the issue continues to be important and contentious.

Here is the ‘how to object’ information:
Here is a quick run through how to use the Inspectorate portal:
Click on the above link to find the appeal.To comment on the case you first need to register. Click on ‘register’ near the top of that first page.

Enter your details and press the ’Next’ button. The next screen will then ask you to create a new account. Again, enter your details and then use the ‘Create User’ button.
An email will then be sent for you to verify. Once this is done and you have your username and password, log in.
You will see a ‘Search for a Case’ box where you can enter the reference 3002435 and reach the appeal summary page.
This time you will see a ‘Make representation’ button. This button takes you to a new screen. In the ’Sections’ box at the top right hand side of the page, use the drop down menu to select ‘Your Details’. This shows a page for ‘Your Details’.Tick ‘Interested Party’ then press the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

You will then see the representation page. Tick ‘No’ for acting on behalf of a group or company. You can tick to enter your comments / objections here in the space provided or scroll down to tick attach a separate document, or both, whichever you choose.

Please start you comments with the words: Appeal reference 15/02213/NONDET  OBJECTION.  You can then type in your new objection, or copy in your previous objection if you still have it and add more on if you want. You can save at any time on the portal but once you have finished, use the drop down menu in the ‘Sections’ box and select ‘Submit’.

For those who prefer to send a letter in, remember to use the appeal reference then send three copies to 3/10b Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol. BS1 6PN

Please email if you have any questions at any time.
Thank you for your continued and valued support.
Best wishes
Thank you to the Shropshire Star