Dear Supporter

Great news!

You will recall that the appeal was initially set to be determined by Written Representations as requested by Dart and Shropshire Council.  We objected to this based on a careful reading of the appeal guidelines and were supported by Friends of the Earth and some of the prospective parliamentary candidates.  The appeal was upgraded to Inquiry which then prompted a strongly worded complaint from Dart.  They did not want cross-examination of the evidence and they wanted the deadline dates to be reset to ones that were by that point already historic.

The Inspectorate listened to Dart’s complaint and compromised by setting the appeal to the middle ground of a Hearing.  As a normal part of the Hearing process we submitted our evidence last weekend.  The Inspector at the Planning Inspectorate has reviewed the evidence and concluded that the appeal needs to be upgraded to a full Inquiry.

Clearly this is very encouraging and it also gives us the opportunity to become fully involved in the decision making process.

We will let you know as soon as we have a date.

As always, thank you so much for your valued and continued support.

Best wishes
The appeal has been upgraded to Inquiry again