Dear Supporter
At the Planning North Council special meeting today at Shire Hall, the councillors voted UNANIMOUSLY to reject the application.  Then the legal advice followed that they couldn’t reject the application because they were in direct opposition to the advice from the planning officer.  The motion was then adjusted to be one of the council being minded to reject which means that it isn’t quite over yet, but it nearly is.  It would appear that the planning officers now have to find reasons to support the rejecting the application and then there will be a further planning meeting to settle the final outcome.
So we are not there yet.
We will be working towards a total rejection.  The fact that the people of this area have been so united and so actively involved in the planning consultation process has been one of the biggest factors in getting this far.
All credit to the Councillors who had done their research and came up with excellent points.
Heartfelt thanks to those of you who came to the meeting today.
We would especially like to thank Steve Davenport our local councillor who gave a very persuasive speech today.
And of course our own Chris Hesketh, who did a BRILLIANT  job.
Apologies for the short message but it has been a long day!!!
We will be in touch soon.
Best wishes
From all at FrackFreeDudleston


Unanimous vote in our favour but we’re not there yet