Dear Supporter

It is thanks to your active participation in the planning process that the appeal regarding the Dudleston CBM drill has now been upgraded to a Bespoke Inquiry. The appeal guidelines are very clear that contentious applications need to be handled thoroughly and with the opportunity for face-to-face engagement.

There will now be a formal hearing lasting at least three days which will give us the opportunity to thoroughly cross examine the evidence. It is your active involvement that has brought this about.

The other good news is that the seven months since we submitted evidence to the initial planning application has allowed us to gather lots more information so our case is even more robust.  The hearing date is likely to be some months away and we will continue the research so that we have the best possible chance of winning.

We are very grateful to Friends of the Earth for their expert guidance and also to two of our prospective parliamentary candidates for speaking out to the Inspectorate on our behalf. They are Duncan Kerr of the Green Party and Tom Thornhill of the Liberal Democrats. Names to remember in May!

Best wishes

from all at FrackFreeDudleston
You are wonderful !