Dear Supporter

Dart Energy have submitted their application to Test Drill for Coal Bed Methane to Shropshire County Council. The application has to be verified by the Council and if accepted by them will be made available to the public via the Shropshire County Council Planning Website.

For those who attended our recent Public Meeting, you will know the steps we are taking to oppose this application. Our community is making it abundantly clear that we are against this proposal. An amazing majority show of hands of over 280 local people showed that we DO NOT WANT this test drill under any circumstances.

It is crucial that once the application is made public, every adult in your household submits an objection. Right from the beginning so many of you have been asking us how you can object so we will be posting a ‘How To Object’ section on our website.

We will let you know when this goes on and as promised we will also be on hand at the time to offer help to those who want it in making their objections.

Many people were unable to join in our Public Meeting at Criftins Parish Hall at the end of May due to the sheer numbers of people filling that hall to capacity.

Concerned residents from St Martins have arranged a Public Meeting on Monday 23rd June starting at 7.30pm at the Miners Institute, St. Martins giving you an opportunity to hear about this latest development.

A note of importance is that Shropshire Council Leader Keith Barrow has confirmed his attendance.

There will be a short film and a presentation from FrackFreeDudleston informing you about what Coal Bed Methane extraction is and of the dangers it poses. There will be an Oxford University expert speaking about the geology of our area.

Finally we want to ask you for your help. We are currently compiling a file with stories of subsidence in the areas between Ellesmere and St Martins.

If you have any memories on this subject please email us at or speak to us after the meeting on Monday.

As a community we can show Dart and Shropshire Council that this proposal is wholly inappropriate for this area and should never have been applied for.

With best wishes


Latest news and public meeting on Monday 23rd June at 7:30pm at the Miners’ Institute St Martins