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Please click on both links below to object to the Lancashire applications. 
It is very important to lend our support to other villages under threat.
Many thanks
All Anti-Fracking groups
As you may recall I wrote out to all the anti fracking groups I could (thanks to Frack Off for keeping a list) on 1st July to get as many people from across the UK to object to Cuadrilla’s planning applications to drill and hydraulically fracture for shale gas here in Lancashire. Friends of the Earth have also done the same and the response has been terrific. So far there have been 14,000 objections registered with Lancashire County Council; so many they can not record them all online! Since then the deadline was extended due to importance of the application and enormity of the Environmental Statement (which by the way has holes in it!).
There are two sites; one at here at Roseacre Wood and the other at Preston New Road in Little Plumpton. Closing dates for the public responses are 18th September for RW and 5th September for PNR! However Lancashire County Council have said they will take objections after those dates if necessary.
If Cuadrilla get permission to frack in Lancashire it will set a precedent for the rest of the UK. These would be the first sites to be high volume, intensively fracked for shale gas in the UK since the earthquakes at Preese Hall in 2011. I know Rathlin are also planning to try and mini-frac at West Newton and Crawberry Hill.
If any of your group have not yet submitted an objection could you please urge them to do so and forward on to any people who feel strongly enough to try and stop this industry. The more planning objections the stronger the message!
The links to the LCC website are
and click on ‘Comment on this Application’.
Many, many thanks to all of you who have already supported us. Hopefully together we can stop this here and anywhere else in the UK.
Barbara Richardson
Chair of Roseacre Awareness Group


One final push!