There are numerous films about CBM and fracking. Below are some of the most popular and informative.

Going to Extremes: The project to develop unconventional gas extraction in Britain

This is long but interesting and worth a watch.

Shale gas risk or opportunity?

Just under 8 minutes in length. This video on Shale Gas, created by the European Commission, seeks to put forward a balanced view of the shale gas industry in Europe.

Shale gas drilling: Pros & cons

13 minutes long trying to reflect the pros and cons of shale gas extraction in the USA.

Fracking explained: opportunity or danger

At only 5 minutes long this gives a good overview on the opportunities and dangers associated with fracking. The same opportunities and danger exist for CBM extraction.

Fracking Hell

At only 18 minutes in length, Fracking Hell is a useful short introduction to fracking.


Gasland is a full feature length movie about Fracking and its affect on American communities and ecosystems. See a trailer here and search for the full movie online: