If you think the extraction of methane gas is an unsustainable energy source and is potentially damaging to the environment then there are many forms of action you can take to let people know you are not happy. Here are just a few ideas:

*Get informed – read our resources about fracking. This applies equally to the anti-fracking material. Also read sections dedicated to shale gas on the responsible regulatory authorities’ websites, such as: DECC, EA, HSE, Coal Authority, PHE etc.

*Make contact with a local group – find your nearest here.

*Support Frack Free Dudleston – we can strengthen our efforts by working together. We are always in need of support with research, graphic design, website editing, press work and more. Whatever your skills, use them to keep Dudleston fracking free. Contact us here.

*Write to your local council – to express your concerns, be that Parish, District or County Council. They need to understand that their residents (and ultimately voters) are very concerned about fracking and its potential harm. Find all the information & addresses here.

*Write letters to the editor & utilise the media – Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Are you friends with a local journalist? Positive accurate media to offset corporate and industry propaganda is an important way to communicate the dangers of fracking.

*Spread the word – tells your friends, family & contacts about fracking and the risk it poses locally. Direct your friends to this website to learn more.

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